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GTCont is now free for small businesses!

Inventory, invoicing, ERP, CRM online - now free for small businesses and startups!
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GTX Tasker v1.0 released!

Organize your life, your business, or just don't forget the grocery list -
everything you need in one place, synchronized on your every device!
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The only dedicated auction site in Romania!
"Sell or buy almost anything!"
Our newest project, oricero is an auction website.
"Your shopping list just got smarter, more accessible and better looking!"
Task management at its best.
Integrated accounting and company management software, including ERP, CRM and fleet management modules!

what we do

Custom software

Although right now there are many software solutions available covering every domain, the reality is some problems can only be solved by customized applications, spec'd to your needs.
Reduce costs with personnel, training and logistics using software designed for your workflow, thus minimizing training time and operation complexity, and lowering software and hardware resource requirements.

 Mobile apps

Since the dawn of the smartphone era, mobile devices have become more intelligent and permanently connected to the internet. They are being used in an enlarging domain of activities. From a simple email client, to complex data manipulation solutions, the software for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices has evolved along with the hardware.

Visit the mobile apps section for a few examples.

E-shop solution

The internet is a second market with very high potential no matter what sphere of activity your company has. Our new custom-made e-commerce platform offers the latest technologies (HTML5, CSS3, AJAX) employing responsive design and speed optimizations, at a very competitive price, along with great usability and attractive design.

Furthermore, the platform can be tailored to your specific needs.


A website is exactly what is looks like - a good way to offer information to clients, an attractive place for presenting products and services, and a way to grow your business. Clients expect you to have a company website because many will first lookup information on the internet about your company's services and products before contacting you.

Visit the portfolio area to get a taste of our work.


As part of our complete software solutions, we offer to our clients hosting for online shops, online applications, email domains and databases in our own data centers, for prices starting at 4€/month.

If you're interested in hosting for your apps, emails or websites send us a message and we'll make you a custom offer.

some of our latest work

a few clients

Wurth Romania Interfloor System Promama Kipa Holdings MARCA Telecom GTO Parts Ansett Logistics Madlene Import-Export



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