Mobile apps

From simple apps designed to entertain, to complete and complex solutions for your business - make full use of today's mobile devices' processing power and portability using native software designed for you.

android apps

Android apps

Google's Android platform has the advantage of being an "open" one (as in open source). This translates to a high variety of mobile terminals, in price and specifications, ranging from low-end phones to high-end tables, running this operating system.

Apple's iOS mobile platform (running on iPhone and iPad)

Apple's operating system has the advantage of tight integration between the software and the hardware, as both are made by the same company. The software's looks and interaction is also very appreciated by many people.
iphone and ipad apps

windows phone apps

Windows Phone native apps

Microsoft's mobile operating system is an attractive solution for its tight integration with the company's desktop operating systems, Windows 7/8/10.

Blackberry's mobile operating system

Highly appreciated in the business world, Blackberry's terminals offer high security and tight integration, coupled with business oriented features.

blackberry apps

Our work

While most of our mobile applications are custom designed for our clients, hence not publicly available, we have created a few apps as a showcase of what we can do. These apps are completely free and are available in Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store.

Bellow are some examples.

GTX Tasker - task management at its best!

Your shopping list just got smarter, more accessible and better looking! But don't stop at just remembering the grocery list - use GTX Tasker to its full potential to organize everything in your life - school activities, vacations, business trips or business projects! With built-in real-time synchronization and notifications you will never lose another appointment, meeting, to-do or assignment. Also available as desktop app for Windows, Linux and OS X.

Photo Albums 3D

Browse through your photos using your fingers to flip the pages, just like on a real photo album!

GT Car Costs

Keep track of your car expenses: fuel logs & consumption, repairs, maintenance, care & accessories, payments & insurance! Using the builtin reports allows you to track everything about your car and event about the fuel price evolution!

Voice notes & alarms

Record an audio memo with your voice and set a schedule for it! GT Voice Notes and Alarms is an audio & voice recorder that lets you record anything you want and set this recording as an alarm or a one-time scheduled note.